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Category 2: "Only for refugees who are recognized in Ethiopia - visa applications for reunification with a refugee who is recognized in the Federal Republic of Germany" Waiting list for appointments for national visa for family reunification (not for reunifications with persons with subsidiary protection status)

The German Embassy Addis Abeba is the competent visa authority for short term (Schengen visas) and long term visas (national visas) all applicants residing in Äthiopia and Djibouti. In case of incompetence the application is not accepted.

Dear Sirs,

On the following pages you can register on the waiting list in order to get an appointment for your visa application. The applicants and the Embassy are supported by the International Organication of Migration (IOM) to prepare the application and the application process. Based on the provided contact details, IOM will contact the applicants. The subsequent application is accepted by IOM/FAP as well.


After the successful registration, you will receive notifications as follows:

  1. A confirmation mail containing a reference number is sent to you within 30 minutes after registration
  2. You will be contacted by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). IOM will assists you in prreparing your application, accepts the applications on the assigned date, informs you about missing documents and conducts an interview.


  • It is mandatory to enter a valid passport number/emergency travel document number/refugee registration number/Proof of Registration (PoR, Housholdsnumber).
  • In principle, one appointment should be done per family, even if the family includes more than 6 persons.
  • Please check if you have received a confirmation mail with a reference number after registration. It could take 30 minutes until you receive this e-mail. As soon as possible, IOM will inform you about the exact appointment for your visa application.
  • Please look on the website of the German Embassy for all information regarding visa.
  • Usually it is not possible to change the e-mail address. If there is a change of your e-mail address a new registration is necessary. 

Waiting list for visa appointment for persons with subsidiary protection status

Since 1 August 2018, close relatives (spouses, single minors, and parents of minors) of persons with subsidiary protection status residing in Germany can apply for visa for family reunion. These family members may register on the waiting list for an appointment on this Website: Waiting list for visa appointment for persons with subsidiary protection status


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German Embassy Addis Ababa

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