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Appointments for German passports

You can find detailed information concerning the application process of German passports on our website Please check the given information thoroughly before booking an appointment in our online appointment system. In case you present yourself with incomplete documentation during your appointment your application will be rejected. In this case, your appointment will be cancelled and you are required to book a new appointment, the earliest possible date would then be two weeks after your last appointment.

!!! In case you want to apply for a first passport of a child who was born in Iraq, please make sure to read the information leaflet "Geburtsanzeige" on the German Embassy's website!!!

Important notice: Please note that this appointment category is NOT for visa applications.

Instructions for the online appointment system: 

Please note that you have to book one appointment per person.

In case you want to apply as a group (e.g. as a family), please make sure to book consecutive appointments.

During the following steps you are kindly requested to state the personal data of the person who is applying for a German passport (in case of a child please state the name, birthday etc. of your child). 

You can choose an available appointment up to 4 weeks in advance. Earlier appointments as the available ones shown in the system are not possible. Please only book appointments that you know for sure you can keep. The German Embassy reserves its right to delete reservations in the following cases: several bookings under the same personal data, suspected misuse of the appointment system.

We kindly ask you to double-check the e-mail address you are requested to enter in order to confirm your booking. You will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail and you have to present this e-mail at the entrance of the German Embassy as well as to cancel your appointment.


We are looking forward to your appointment!

The German Embassy Baghdad

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