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APPOINTMENT LIST - registration for an appointment to apply for Schengen visa

Please read the following instructions carefully. In case of any mistake your registration could be invalid or the entry into Lebanon could be refused.


I) Notice regarding this appointment list

The appointment you are about to book will enable you to apply for a visa for a short stay in Germany of maximum 90 days for the purpose of visits, tourism, business trips or airport transit. This category is only valid for applicants residing in Syria. Applicants residing in Lebanon may apply via the service provider VFS Global.

The current waiting time is: ./.. Kindly understand that the waiting time may vary depending on the demand.

Please notice:

The whole appointment process for Schengen visa is for free. The Embassy advises everyone not to help yourself by paying for any third party services. Your appointment does only depend on your position on the waiting list, which you can get yourself way more fast and efficient than any third party service provider!


II) Notices regarding the booking procedure

  • Do not register yourself additionally in the Appointment list for FURTHER family members, otherwise your registration will not be accepted. In this case both registrations will be cancelled by the Embassy.
  • For inserts use latin letters only.
  • Be careful to enter your e-mail-address correctly in order to receive your booking confirmation. Please also check your spam/junk inbox.
  • Each applicant must book an appointment for himself.
  • All inserted data must be correct. Date of birth and passport number are required data of every applicant. The date of birth has to be in format of DD.MM.YYYY. Syrian passport or travel document numbers have to be in format Letter plus nine numbers, for example: N01234678 or P000123456. Bookings which do not apply to this rule will be cancelled and deleted.
  • It is not permmitted for any applicant to register himself more than once. If you have made a mistake in an old registration, please cancel the old one before registering again.

If the registration was successful, you will receive two E-Mails: The first one confirms the registration within 30 minutes and includes your reference number (appointment ID). The second E-Mail is to confirm your final appointment. All requests will be processed in chronological order. The Embassy may prioritize holders of valid or expired visa for Schengen, US, Canada and Australia. The Embassy will not prioritize applicants according to their purpose of travel.

  • You will find the application form here - please bring it with you and fill it in completely before your appointment
  • Please bring all documents mentioned in the leaflet with you for your application. More information on the necessary documents you will find on the webpage of the Embassy here, also in Arabic language, just scroll down the page.
  • Please print both E-Mails you will receive from the system and bring them to your appointment. The second E-Mail approves your appointment time to the Embassy. The first E-Mail ('Registrierungsbestätigung') will be checked concerning all insertions and must be handed to the Embassy staff at the counter.


III) Notice regarding the entry into Lebanon

1) Notice for Syrian nationals

As of 05 January 2015 Syrian nationals need a visa to enter Lebanon. Travellers from Syria are urged to check the available information before commencing their trip (for example at and should provide information about their intended travel to Lebanon in Arabic translation. Also, long delays at the border should be expected.

Furthermore, the Embassy would like to point out that the visa-requirement is also relevant for persons who have already spent a longer time in Lebanon. However, legally binding information can only be given by the Lebanese authorities.

2) Notice for Palestinian nationals from Syria

Lebanon has introduced new measures for the entry of Palestinian nationals coming from Syria. Therefore, this Embassy will inform the Lebanese authorities of the names and dates of birth of Palestinian applicants from Syria, as far as they are known as such, in order to enable them entry. This procedure has been agreed with the Lebanese authorities. Furthermore please print out this notification and take it with you. The final decision about entry into Lebanon will be taken by the Lebanese authorities, this Embassy does not have influence on this decision.

Please check the relevant box when making the appointment, so that you can enter for your application. Otherwise, this Embassy will not be able to help you with entering into Lebanon.

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