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APPOINTMENT-WAITING LIST: Signatures and copy certifications, Declaration of oath for persons living in Syria (SYR)


On the following page you can register for an appointment for certification of signatures and copies if you are currently living in Syria.

The appointments are limited to a maximum number and only take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. The undersigned must appear personally at the appointment. Only the person in whose name the appointment was booked can be admitted to the appointment. Only as part of the signature authentication, documents for legalization can also be submitted.

Please note the following when booking:

  • All data entries must be done in latin letters.
  • Your email address must be spelled correctly, otherwise you will not receive your booking confirmation. Please check your spam/junk infobox, too.
  • All data must be inserted correctly. Date of birth has to be in the format of DD.MM.YYYY. Syrian passport numbers have to be in the format capital letter (N or P) + 9 numbers, for example: N012345678 or P000123456, in exceptional cases also LR123456. Bookings which do not apply to this rule will be cancelled and deleted.
  • Each applicant must have a separate booking.
  • Please consider other applicants and book only one appointment. Multiple appointment registrations for the same person will be deleted by the embassy!
  • Please prepare your application file in advance and bring all the necessary documents with you. If you enter incorrect information, your application cannot be accepted.

After you have registered successfully, you will receive two emails:

a)   Within 30 minutes you will receive a confirmation email containing your reference number.

b)   As soon as you have been assigned an appointment, you will receive a separate email containing the exact date and time of your appointment.

Processing continues in the order in which it was received.

Please be on time for your appointment on the day mentioned. An interview with the embassy can take place no earlier than twenty minutes before the appointment. For security reasons, only people whose agreed appointment takes less than twenty minutes are allowed to be in front of the embassy.

Admission is only granted to the applicant himself. Accompanying persons are not admitted to the interview (except when absolutely necessary, e.g. physical disabilities).

Notice for Syrian nationals

As of 05 January 2015 Syrian nationals need a visa to enter Lebanon. Travellers from Syria are urged to check the available information before commencing their trip (for example at and should provide information about their intended travel to Lebanon in Arabic translation. Also, long delays at the border should be expected.

Furthermore, the embassy would like to point out that the visa-requirement is also relevant for persons who have already spent a longer time in Lebanon. However, legally binding information can only be given by the Lebanese authorities. 

Attention: The embassy has to send the names and passport details of all applicants to the Lebanese border authorities until 3 pm of the previous day. Entering to Lebanon in order to apply for a visa is only possible if the name is on the list. We hereby inform you that we are unable to give you accurate details on where and how this data is being used. If you do not agree that your details are being sent, please use the cancellation link in the email with the appointment date. If you would like to keep the appointment and are able to enter Lebanon in another legal way, cancel the appointment and send us an email to with the subject: STORNO CANCEL and your previous registration number. In that case you keep your appointment, but your details will not be shared with the Lebanese border authorities (and therefore not show up on the list). Please be informed that this needs to be done latest one week prior to the appointment.

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