Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Bern

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Welcome to the visa departement of the German Embassy in Berne.


For applying for a German visa you need to book an appointment beforehand via this website. Visa for any other purpose (f.ex. Working Holiday Visa )please book through our separate category.

Before booking the appointment we kindly request you to consult our information on our website as follows:

Incomplete applications cannot be accepted and treated. Those applications will be returned free of charges and you a new appointment has to be arranged.

Please book only one appointment a time and only if you are sure that that you will be able to attend. In case if you may be unable to attend the appointment we kindly request to cancel by using the predesigned link for cancellation.

At the appointment as applicant you need to appear in person at the Embassy. You may book the appointment up to three month ahead of your journey.

You find the Embassy at the following address:
Willadingweg 78
3006 Bern

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