Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Budapest

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Passports and ID

After having completed a captcha you will be shown on the following webpage all available appointments for the next 4 weeks.

Before booking an appointment, please inform yourself about the application procedure for passports and ID-cards at and check whether you are in possesion of all required original documents. Incomplete applications will be rejected and you will need to book a new appointment.

Only one application per person can be processed per appointment. If you need a passport AND ID-card or come with your partner or children, please note that you are required to to book several appointments.

Depending on seasonally high demands (e.g. before or during holiday season or before public holidays), dates may already be booked out. In order to be able to start your travel on time, it is therefore best to apply for your passport or ID-card well in advance. You may apply for a new passport and ID-card up to six months before your currend document expires.


If you wish to apply for a name other than the one you used in your last passport or ID-card, a name declaration may be required. Typical cases are:

  • Birth of a child of parents without a common married name
  • Marriages abroad in countries that do not have a name law comparable to German law (e.g. USA, Asia, Africa, parts of Eastern Europe etc.)
  • Re-acceptance of the birth name after beeing divorced
  • Leading of a companion name (double name)

Detailed information about name declarations can be found at However, the infomartion on our website is available only in German since it is inteded for German nationals only. If you have any questions, please contact the Consulate by using our contact form.

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