Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Budapest

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certification of your signature

Welcome to the automatic appointment system of the German Embassy in Budapest! 

Authentication of signature, e.g.:

  • power of attorney
  • authorizations
  • declaration of renouncement of succession
  • application for a Police Clearance Certificate
  • application for a block account for students
  • application for a Certificate of Non-Impediment to marriage
  • other declarations that require the authentication of a signature


Please do not book appointments in this category regarding the certification of copies. For those services please book an appointment in the relevant category.Otherwise you risk being turned away if you have booked an appointment in the wrong category - even if you have travelled from far away.


If you are unable to keep an appointment you have booked please cancel this appointment immediately. Please be advised that this Consulate General reserves the right to deny you further appointments if you do not show for an appointment without cancelling it.


You may find further information here: 

for declaration of renouncement of succession: Informationen über Erbausschlagungen

for application for a Police Clearance Certificate: Informationen über Führungszeugnisse

for application for a Certificate of Non-Impediment to marriage: Eheschließung in Deutschland und Ungarn

For further information on the documents which have to be submitted when you want to open a blocked bank account kindly contact the embassy in advance under 

 You may find further information here: 

Information on Certifications in German

Information on Certications in Hungarian language


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