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certification of copies and certificates

Certificates of existence for pension purposes related to Germany are confirmed by the Embassy in Budapest during opening hours of the consulate.  No fee is charged for German state pensions and no appointment is necessary, but you do have to come in person. Please bring your passport with you.

The certificate of existence can also be confirmed at the administration of your local community.

For certified copies, please bring:

  • the original documents,
  • copies of the original document which need to be certified,
  • the fee in cash

The current fee for the certification of a photocopy up to ten pages is the HUF equivalent of 10 Euros.

Please do not book appointments in this category regarding the certification of your signature.. For those services please book an appointment in the relevant category.Otherwise you risk being turned away if you have booked an appointment in the wrong category - even if you have travelled from far away.

If you are unable to keep an appointment you have booked please cancel this appointment immediately. Please be advised that this Consulate General reserves the right to deny you further appointments if you do not show for an appointment without cancelling it.


You may find further information here: 

Information on Certifications in German


Information on Certifications in Hungarian language

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