Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Bukarest

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Schengen and national visa (all categories except for language courses /tourism)



You are a EU-Citizen. You enjoy free movement and do not require a visa and thus no appointment

You are a Non-EU-Citizen and hold a valid residence permit for Romania and intend to travel to Germany for family visits or business reasons for a period of max. 90 days within 180 days? Then you require a visa. On our website you find information on the visa procedure and all necessary documents. Please personally apply for your visa with a completely filled application form and all necessary documents. Please schedule your appointment by clicking “continue”.

You are a Non-EU-Citizen and do not hold a valid residence permit for Romania. Then the application for a visa a the German Embassy is not possible. Your competent representation is the respective Embassy in your home country. Please file your application there.

You are a Non-EU-Citizen, hold a valid residence permit for Romania and intend to stay in Germany for more than 90 days and/ or intend to work in Germany? Then you are in need of a visa. On our website you find all information about the application process and all necessary documents. Please fill the application form completely in German or English. To schedule an appointment click “continue”.

All information provided must be consistent with the information in the applicant's passport, and must be provided in the Roman alphabet. A valid e-mail address must be provided, as a confirmation email will be sent to confirm your appointment. On arrival at the Consulate, a copy of the confirmation e-mail must be shown to security and handed over at the  counter. If you fail to provide the confirmation letter you will not be allowed to file your application and will have to book a new appointment.

In the general chart you can choose a certain day and time. Please note that appointments cannot be booked by e-mail or phone. Please be at the Consulate at the beginning of the indicated time and tell the entrance control that you are here.

Please click on "continue" to choose a suitable appointment from the timetable.

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