Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Chennai

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Blocked account

Please read the information sheet on blocked accounts on our website carefully before booking an appointment!


Information on providers that offer this service worldwide is available on the Federal Foreign Office website: 


Students who have booked an appointment for a particular date should come to the Consulate between 8am and 10am (if running late, please inform in advance). The following documents should be submitted in a closed envelope to the security personal at the entrance. On the envelope, the name and the mobile number of the student should be marked. For the envelope, the students will receive a token:


  • passport

  • duly filled opening form, which is not yet signed (No Staples !!!)

  • passport copy (if not having a certified passport copy yet)

  • fee (in cash) for either the signature authentication only or for both signature authentication and copy certification

  • a pre-paid envelope addressed to the bank, if you apply for a blocked account at the Deutsche Bank (kindly read the Deutsche Bank regulation thoroughly!)


Note: An incomplete application (e.g. the applicant does not provide the mandatory pre-paid envelope) will not be eligible for conducting the signature attestation.


Other documents are only needed in case of a scholarship, please inform in advance! Please abstain from handing in more documents than needed!

By the time of their appointment, the students should come to the Consulate for collection. They will hand over the token to the officer in charge and receive their documents, a receipt for the paid fee and, if applicable, the balance.

The fee is fixed in €, therefore the amount in Indian Rupees might change according to the exchange rate. At the moment, the fee is approximately at 1700 Rs. To avoid any problems, the students are requested to check the current fee, which is displayed in the information board outside the Consulate or on our website ( and , which will be updated according to the exchange rate.


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