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Passport / Identity Card for ONE PERSON only

Further information:

→ This is a passport appointment only. Applicants applying for anything other than a passport or ID card (e.g. name declaration, registration of birth or marriage, visa etc.) will not be accepted. Change of residence on a valid German passport/ID card cane be done by post only, please read our website for further information.

→ Before you book an appointment: Make sure you do have all required documents so that your application is ready to be filed. If you are not sure or have further questions, please contact the passport section before booking.

→ Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

  • Applications requiring a German name declaration are also incomplete until the final decision has been made by the responsible German registrar’s office.
  • Green Cards without expiration date will not be accepted. Without an alternative document or new Green Card, the application is considered incomplete (= no processing).

→ You only have to bring originals or certified copies. They will be returned at the end of your appointment.

→ Payment can be done cash in USD or by credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard only) in EUR. Payments by card are always processed in Euros, therefore make sure your card is activated for payments in Germany.

→ You also can apply for a German ID card at the consulate general. Please follow the information on our website. You need a separate appointment to apply for a German identity card. ID-card applications will not be accepted in connection with a passport application within one appointment slot.

→ Are you applying for a minor only? Please fill in the minor’s data. Parents have to accompany but do not need an own appointment to get access.

→ In case of multiple bookings for the same applicant and document, all of your reservations will be cancelled without prior notice. To prevent abuse of the appointments system, the consulate general reserves the right to exclude applicants who booked more appointments than necessary or did not appear for their appointment from making further bookings.

→ Depending on the demand, appointments might not be available. In this case, please try to book an appointment the next day again. New appointments will be available regularly.

→ All dates are shown in format DD.MM.YYYY.

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