Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Dakar

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Legalizations, Attestations / Notarizations of Copies and Signatures and other Consular Services

Prior to booking an appointment on the next page, please read the following information and the linked details on our website.

  • Legalizations 
    • Only certificates issued by Senegalese authorities may be legalized.
    • Prior to a legalization by this Embassy, a pre-authentication by the Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required.
    • Fees: 19,000 XOF for each certificate to be legalized, payable in cash XOF or by international credit card
    • Spinster / Unmarried certificates cannot be legalized.
  • Attestation / Notarization of Copies 
    • Copies of your documents are made by the Embassy. Please do only bring the originals for which you need certified copies.
    • Fees: 16,000 XOF, payable in cash XOF or by international credit card
    • Copies attested for the purpose of higher education (or application to a university) in Germany are issued free of charge, provided proof of that purpose is provided.
  • Attestation / Notarization of Signatures 
    • Should you wish to have your signature notarized, we will confirm on the day of your appointment, whether or not the required notarization can be undertaken by us.
    • Fees: 37.000 - 52.000 fcfa, payable in cash XOF or by international credit card
  • Applications and certifications relating to a German pension 
    • German pension funds typically require annual proof that policyholders residing abroad are still alive. This confirmation may be issued by the Embassy. To that, the policyholder must visit the Embassy in person.
    • Confirmations that the policyholder is still alive are issued free of charge, provided a form to that end issued by a German pension fund is provided.
  • Other consular services (e.g. confirmation of residence for German nationals in Senegal)


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