Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Dhaka

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Schengen Visa

Read carefully before booking an appointment:


Please be informed that appointments for March 2020(onwards) will be released only by mid-February 2020

Choose this category for a short-term visa (C-Visa / Schengen Visa).
Please visit our website ( and read the information and requirements for the different types of visa carefully before making an appointment. This helps to avoid unnecessary waiting periods.

All information provided must be consistent with the data in the applicant's passport, and must be provided in the Roman alphabet.
The provided email-address has to be valid and working as you will receive a confirmation message. A printout of this confirmation has to be submitted at the visa section at the time of your interview. If you fail to provide this printout, you will not be allowed to file your application and will have to book a new appointment.

After booking, you will be blocked from reserving new appointments for the duration of your application. 
Therefore, it is essential that you submit all necessary documents at the time of your interview (pls. see homepage for required documents).

Cancelled appointments will not be available for a new booking.

Please click on "Continue" to choose a suitable appointment from the timetable. First you will be asked to choose a date. Then, the system will show you a list of available time slots for the specific day (e.g. from 8:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m.).

We regret to inform you that incomplete applications might be rejected, you will have to ensure that you have all of the required documents ready on the day of your visa interview: Please be on time to avoid unnecessary waiting periods for you and other visitors. Late comer's admission cannot be entertained.

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