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Appointment waiting list for Schengen visa

Registration to apply for an appointment in order to file a Schengen visa application (for stays up to 90 days)


Dear Sir or Madam,

You are about to make an online registration to apply for an appointment in order to file a Schengen visa application at the German Embassy Islamabad.

Please make sure one more time that you have selected the correct visa category. Registrations cannot be used to apply for a different category of visas.

Each applicant needs a seperate registration. Group bookings are not possible. Multiple registrations per person are not allowed and will be canceled!

Please enter all your data correctly and without any mistakes, as you will only be admitted to the Visa Section of the Embassy when your registered name and passport number exactly match the information in your passport. You have to enter your correct passport number (consisting of 2 capital letters and 7 digits as mentioned in your Pakistani passport e. g. AB1234567). All information must be entered in Latin letters.

Afghan nationals are requested to apply at the Visa Section for Afghanistan which has its own appointment lists and is located at the British High Commission.

Appointment registrations with wrong data (e. g. incorrect passport number) will be deleted.

Please make sure to enter your email-address correctly; otherwise you will receive neither a confirmation email nor an appointment! If the confirmation email is not in your inbox, please check whether it has been sent to your spam/junk folder.

If your registration was successful, you will receive a confirmation email with your reference number within about 30 minutes. Your appointment will be allocated approx. three weeks before the interview date. You will then receive a second email (appointment email) containing further details about date and time of your appointment. This email will include two links, one to confirm the appointment, and one to cancel it.  

The intended short-stay category (e. g. business, family visit) will be checked before entering the visa section. Furthermore, the visa section will double-check whether your biometrics should be already in the visa system in case you chose the "biometrics already taken" option.

If your intended sub-category does not match with the category of appointment, the appointment is forfeit.


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