Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Jakarta

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National Visa Family reunion

National visas (permanent residence, over 90 days)


Appointments for national visas (D-Visa)


Dear visitor,

Here you can book an appointment to apply for a long-stay visa (over 90 days, NO Schengen visa) in Germany.


Contoh Pengisian Nama Pada yang harus diperhatikan


Beispiele für die Namenseingabe die berücksichtigt werden muss.


  1. 1.       Apabila Nama Anda terdiri dari 3 suku kata atau lebih dengan contoh:

wenn Ihr Name aus 3 oder mehr Silben besteht, mit Beispiel:

                                                     ,,Reza Rahardian Pratama‘‘



Reza Rahardian



  1. Apabila Nama Anda terdiri dari 2 suku kata saja dengan contoh:

wenn Ihr Name aus 2 Silben besteht, mit Beispiel:

                                                       ,,Reza Rahardian’’ 







  1. Apabila Nama Anda terdiri dari 1 suku kata saja dengan contoh:

wenn Ihr Name aus 1 Silbe besteht, mit Beispiel:







At the moment it is only possible to book appointments for the following categories:


Applications for family reunification and intended marriage



Booking appointments in the wrong category will result in the applicant being rejected at the counter.


Before booking the appointment, we ask you to read the information sheets on our website ( carefully about the documents to be submitted for your desired visa. Incomplete visa applications can be rejected or rejected.

Arrive on time for your booked appointment, as entry is generally not possible if you are late. You cannot be accompanied to your appointment


To book an appointment, please click on "Next"


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