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Appointment Waitlist Registration for National Visa (e.g. Study, Apprenticeship, Au-Pair, Volunteering, Language Course, Employment, ...) / N O Appointment Booking for Family Reunion, Seamen and Highly Skilled Worker according to §81a AufenthG

Currently, the waiting period for this category is a few weeks - irrespective of your how early you have registered - or less. Registration is free of charge and the Embassy does not support commercial agencies.

You may receive an appointment on a shorter notice due to the pandemic, kindly ensure that all your documents are ready, as soon as you register. It is not possible to assign appointments well in advance, taken the current situation into consideration as well as changes in PPKM regulations.

Dear Sir or Madam,

On the following pages you can register to apply for a National Visa (e.g. Au-Pair, Apprenticeship, Study, Language Course, Volunteering, Employment)

After your successful registration you will receive the following e-mails:

1.   Within one hour, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your reference number, and

2.   shortly before the appointment, you will receive a second e-mail (appointment e-mail) containing further details about the date and time of your allocated appointment.

After registering for an appointment, please check your e-mail inbox for the confirmation e-mail which includes your reference number. This confirmation e-mail also contains a cancellation link.

While entering your data, please note the following:

  • All information must be entered in Latin (English) letters.
  • Please enter all your data correctly and without any misspelling, as you will only be admitted to the Visa Section of the Embassy, if your complete name and passport number exactly match the information in our system.
  • Your passport number must be entered in capital letters and numbers, e.g. BY123405. The passport number can be found on the upper right corner of the bio data page of your passport.
  • Please make sure to enter your e-mail address correctly (example:, no "www" in front of the email address!), otherwise you will receive neither the confirmation e-mail nor the appointment email. If you have not received the confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folder.
  • Your appointment request will not be considered, if you provide inconclusive details (e.g. passport number or telephone number).
  • Details once entered cannot be changed.
  • You cannot be accompanied to your appointment


Contoh Pengisian Nama Pada Saat Pendaftaran Waiting-List yang harus diperhatikan


Beispiele für die Namenseingabe bei der Wartelistenregistrierung, die berücksichtigt werden muss.


  1. 1.       Apabila Nama Anda terdiri dari 3 suku kata atau lebih dengan contoh:

wenn Ihr Name aus 3 oder mehr Silben besteht, mit Beispiel:

                                                     ,,Reza Rahardian Pratama‘‘



Reza Rahardian



  1. Apabila Nama Anda terdiri dari 2 suku kata saja dengan contoh:

wenn Ihr Name aus 2 Silben besteht, mit Beispiel:

                                                       ,,Reza Rahardian’’ 







  1. Apabila Nama Anda terdiri dari 1 suku kata saja dengan contoh:

wenn Ihr Name aus 1 Silbe besteht, mit Beispiel:







We ask for your understanding that queries with regard to your registration cannot be answered, as all capacities are being used to reduce the current waiting time. Appointments (registrations) can only be obtained through this form.


Please note in addition that the Embassy cannot reply to queries for earlier appointments or change of appointment dates. Double registrations/bookings lead to the cancellation of all appointments.

You will find relevant information about the required documents and application forms on our website.


The Embassy regrets to inform you that appointment (registrations) have to be cancelled, if incorrect details are provided. In case an applicant is not able to prove that she/he belongs to the aforementioned category, she/he will not be able to hand in the application and will consequently have to register for a new appointment. 


Important update for students:

As of 1 August 2022, the Embassy is no longer  directly accepting applications of those holding an unconditional admission letter for Bachelor or Master studies in Germany. Those applicants need to file their application in person at the VFS Global visa application centre in Jakarta, In return, VFS Global is not authorized to accept applications other than those holding an unconditional admission letter for Bachelor or Master studies in Germany.

Please note that the further process is determined by your previous selection on the Embassy’s appointment waitlist. If your selection was incorrect, or if your situation has changed, you need to cancel your registration at the earliest, and register again with the correct informationStudents have to fill out both student related questions, since their appointment otherwise will be cancelled. 

If you are not sure of your German university admission status, please contact your university and re-confirm with them, whether or not your admission letter for Bachelor or Master studies in Germany is unconditional. Neither the Embassy nor VFS Global is in a legal position to advise  you in advance. 

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