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Long-term visa - ONLY family reunion - APPOINTMENT-WAITING LIST

On the following pages you can register for an appointment for family reunion ONLY (no other purpose).

Since the Consular Section of the German Embassy Kabul remains closed until further notice, applicants living in Afghanistan can apply for a long-term visa either at the German Embassy in ISLAMABAD or in TEHRAN. Filing of applications at the embassy in New Delhi which has also been responsible up to now is not possible as long as the current problems persist for Afghan nationals when entering India. During the registration process, you must indicate where you wish to apply for a visa. Your decision is binding and cannot be changed.

Please register one appointment per family and indicate the total number of all family members who wish to apply for a visa as well as their names, birth dates and passport numbers (not the passport data of the person living in Germany). Only registered family members can apply for a visa and will be granted access to the visa section of the Embassy. Multiple or wrong registrations will be deleted by the Embassy.

After having successfully registered on the waiting list, you will receive a confirmation email within approximately 30 minutes (please also check you spam folder). The current waiting time for an appointment is not less than 12 months. Use the time to prepare your documents according to the Embassy’s visa information leaflets and refrain from inquiries about the remaining waiting time.

You will receive another email approximately 2 to 3 months before your scheduled interview with the exact time and date as well as further information on how to access the visa section. Please read this email carefully.


Important note for applicants wishing to reunite with unaccompanied minors: 

Please contact the German Embassy Islamabad ( or the German Embassy Teheran ( if you wish to reunite with an unaccompanied minor who becomes 18 years old in less than twelve months, or, in case you have not been scheduled an appointment yet, the minor becomes 18 in less than nine months. Please refer to your appointment-id $ in your email and attach the minor’s certificate of recognition issued by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge, BAMF). This allows the respective German Embassy to schedule an earlier appointment.


Important note for family members of recognized refugees in Germany:

The registration to apply for a long-term visa for family reunion or marriage is not a timely notification in accordance with Section 29 (2) 1 of the Residence Act!

To benefit from a simplified visa process, the timely notification must be submitted by you or your family member in Germany within 3 months after recognition as a refugee. There are three options:

1)      You can take the initial step of submitting a timely notification via Follow the instructions and submit the timely notification document with your visa application.
2)      Your family member in Germany can submit a timely notification at the competent Alien's Authority in Germany.
3)      You or your lawyer can submit a timely notification by sending a letter to the competent mission abroad. Please provide the following information:
-          family name, given name, date of birth and passport number of the applicants
-          purpose of your trip
-          family name, given name, date of birth and residence permit of your family member in Germany

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