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German Family and Personal Status matters, citizenship

---This is NOT a visa category - هذا القسم ليس لطالبي التأشيرات

Family, Personal Status and Citizenship matters

ATTENTION: This section is for German nationals only! You will be asked to enter a German passport or ID-number. It is allowed to enter one from a document, which has expired or from a person which is involved. If you enter an Egyptian passport or ID-number the appointment will be deleted without notification. If you feel the need for an exception, please contact us via:

If you want to make an application concerning your citizenship and do not have the German citizenship yet you may exceptionally enter the data of your non-German passport.


For the following matters you are kindly requested to book an appointment online:

  • Registration of the birth of your child and/or declaration concerning your child's name
  • Registration of your marriage and/or declaration concerning your name
  • Application regarding your citizenship (e.g. acquisition by declaration, retention permit, naturalization)

- Please book an appointment for each person (e.g. child) for whom an application is to be filed! -

 Please check the information given on our website concerning the required documentation. Please understand that incomplete documentation cannot be accepted. In this case you will have to book a new appointment, once your appolication is complete.

This is not the right category for consular certificates for marriage in Egypt. If you wish to apply for one, please check the embassy's website to find out how to apply for it without the need to go to the embassy in person.

Please note that appointments for paternity declarations, declarations of consent or declarations concerning child custody cannot be booked online. Please mind the information on the embassy's website here as well..


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