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Long Term Visa – Family Reunion for NON-UGANDAN nationals !! NOT Family Reunion to persons eligible for subsidiary protection !!

This category is meant for applicants who do not have the Ugandan citizenship.



Applicants who wish to join a family member who is a holder of  the subsidiary protection status (according to Section 4 (1) of the German Asylum Act) in Germany cannot book an appointment directly with the embassy in this category. Instead book an appointment using  the online central registration list of the  German Foreign Office  using the following link to the booking system An email  communication will only be sent  after an appointment has been set. It can take up to several months before one receives confirmation for  an appointment.

Appointments booked under the wrong category will  NOT  be accepted.


The German Embassy can only accept applications if you have your usual place of residence in Uganda or South Sudan holding a valid residence permit (e.g. work visa, refugee registration). If this is not the case you are unfortunately not eligible to apply and your appointment will be cancelled.

Each appointment can only accommodate up to four family members. If more than 4 family members intend to apply for a visa, an extra appointment needs to be booked.

Please note that all required documents must be submitted at the point of application. Applications with incomplete documents will not be accepted and will require the applicant to book a new appointment online.

Additionally, kindly note: The applicant has to bring a translator, if the applicant does not speak English. Otherwise they will be required to book a new appointment and appear at the embassy with a translator.

Kindly follow the instructions on our website:

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