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Appointment Waiting List - Long Term Visa: Voluntary Work, Au-Pair, Internship

On the next page you can register on the appointment waiting list to apply for a D visa (longer than 90 days) for the categories volunteer program, au pair and internship.

Applicants for other categories book their appointments directly via the appointment system.

The process of accepting applications for Schengen visas (short-term stays up to a maximum duration of 90 days, category C) has been outsourced to an external service provider (TLScontact). For more information on how this affects the application procedure, please see our website.

Please read through the following information thoroughly and apply it to your booking:

1. Please enter all information exactly according to your passport and in Latin letters. Otherwise an appointment cannot be assigned. 

2. Please double check all your entries before submitting the registration form. If you enter incorrect information, your application cannot be accepted.

3. Please enter your personal data in the respective fields of the online form only: Enter your date of birth in the field "DOB" and your passport number in the field "passport no.". The embassy reserves the right to cancel your registration without prior notice or block you from entering the embassy if the entries have been switched or entered falsely.

4. Your e-mail address must be spelled correctly, otherwise you will not receive your booking confirmation. Please check your spam/junk inbox, too.


After successful registration you will receive two emails:

1. Within 30 minutes you will receive a confirmation email containing your reference number.

2. As soon as you have been assigned an appointment, you will receive a separate email containing the exact date and time of your appointment. This may take more than one year.


Please check that you have received a mail confirmation with a reference number for your transaction after successful registration. It may take up to 30 minutes after completing the registration process before you receive this first email.


The Embassy will inform you about your final visa application appointment as soon as possible. E-mail enquiries about the status of your appointment registration will not be answered.


Please use the time until the day of your appointment to prepare your visa application. This is in your own and also in our interest, because well prepared and complete application files can be processed the most quickly and smoothly.


Examples for what you can do already now:

- Check our website for information on what documents you need for your application.

- Prepare these documents thoroughly (including: filling in the application form, making copies, etc). 


To continue your registration in the appointment waiting list, please click on "New Appointment" at the bottom of this page.

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