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notarization of signature / 签字公证

Here you can make an appointment for the certification of signatures (except application for certificate of good conduct).

It is not possible to book an appointment for other notarial services such as acknowledgement of paternity or declaration in lieu of an oath here. If you need such services, please send an e-mail to

For other consular affairs such as certification of copies, legalizations, consular certificates or the certification of identity for an application for certificate of good contact no prior appointment is necessary. Please visit us during our regular opening hours.

The Consulate General Guangzhou can only certify signatures on documents that are necessary within the German jurisdiction. Clients must have their habitual residence either in Guangzhou, Guangxi, Fujian or Hainan. Should you reside in another province, please refer to the competent German mission.
德国驻广州总领事馆只对在德国法律范围内使用的证书/文件进行签名公证。此外,本馆只为常住地为广东、广西、福建和海南的申请人进行签名公证! 如果您住在本馆辖区以外的地方,请联系负责您所在省市的德国驻华使领馆。

A certified signature may be required for:

  • Power of Attorney
  • notarial approvals (“Genehmigungserklärung”, e.g. real estate transfer)
  • application for a certificate of no impediment to marriage
  • waiving an inheritance
  • formal obligation letter
  • any other declaration that may by law require a certified signature


  • 委托书
  • 批准声明
  • 可婚证明的申请
  • 放弃继承的申请
  • 经济担保函
  • 其它需要进行签名公证的声明

Please consult the information on our website first: Chinese or German.


To certify your signature, the following documents have to be presented:

  • a valid passport (a Chinese ID Card cannot be accepted)
  • the document that has to be signed
  • supporting documentation in regard to the legal matter, e.g. a copy or draft of the agreement to be signed in Germany; for company matters usually an extract of the Handelsregister together with the relevant shareholder resolution is necessary; for formal obligation letters proof of the income 
  • in case the signee should not understand German, a written translation into Chinese (or English, if the signee’s English language skills are sufficient) is required.


  • 有效护照或者德国身份证(不能仅使用中国身份证)
  • 要签署的声明
  • 关于所涉法律行为的证明材料。若属于批准声明,须提供有待批准的合同复印件;若属于委托书,须提供有待公证的草拟合同;若属于工商注册,须提交公司的相关决议、经公证的公司成立文件或工商登记摘要的复印件;若属于经济担保函,须提供财力证明资料。
  • 如果签字人德语能力不足,则必须附声明的中文译文。如果签字人的英语水平被领事官员认可,也可出示英文翻译件。

The fee per signature certification is 56,43 EUR. The fee is to bei paid in RMB cash or by international credit cards (Master or Visa); the card will be debited in EUR.

Please note: The German Consulate General cannot certify any signature on or for bank documents due to money-laundering regulations.


One appointment is for one person and max. 3 documents only!


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