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Booking of appointments for job seeker Chancenkarte/Opportunity Card

You are about to book an appointment at the Consulate General in Karachi to apply for a long-term visa for job seeker (Chancenkarte/Opportunity Card) purposes.

If you are planning a stay of more than 90 days and want to search for a job in Germany, this is the right category for booking an appointment.

The processing time for job seeker visa is usually 2-4 weeks starting from the date of application.

Before booking an appointment, we ask you to carefully read the information about the visa procedure provided on our website at You will also find information on the required documents and the required application forms there.

Please also note the information on entry restrictions due to the pandemic:

Kindly read the following general information on booking appointments carefully before booking:


By using the appointment system, the Consulate General is able to guarantee regular and orderly public traffic at all times. This gives you the advantage of being able to book an appointment that suits you and appear for a fixed appointment so that waiting times can be reduced as much as possible.

You can book an appointment quickly and easily by yourself without any fees. If desired, a person you trust (e.g. your host, business partner in Germany, etc.) can also take over the booking for you.

In the appointment overview you can book an available appointment of your choice (the next one or a later one if you wish). You choose a day and a time window (e.g. 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.). It is not possible to book earlier appointments than those shown here (not even by e-mail or fax). Please show up at the Consulate General punctually at the beginning of the time window (if you have booked an appointment for 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., i.e. at 9:00 a.m.) and report to the visa section. If you are late, admission to the visa section will not be granted and a new appointment must be made. This is the only way to avoid unnecessary waiting times for other visitors.

Each applicant (including children) needs their own appointment. Group bookings are not possible. You must appear in person at the visa office of the Consulate General in Karachi for the booked appointment.

Booking multiple appointments for one person is not permitted. You can only make a new booking after two weeks have elapsed from the booking date or after canceling the agreed appointment. Please only reserve your appointment if you assume that you will actually be able to keep it. If you are unable to show up for the booked appointment, please cancel it (see link in the confirmation email). This will help the Consulate General to schedule appointments in order to offering appointments to all applicants as soon as possible.

Please carefully check the e-mail address you enter when making your reservation. You may need the confirmation email to cancel your appointment. If you enter an incorrect email address and do not receive a confirmation, you will have to wait two weeks before a new booking can be made.

The PASSPORT NUMBER (consisting of 2 letters and 7 digits in the Pakistani passport) to be entered must be CORRECT. Otherwise, admission to the visa office will not be granted.

Appointment bookings with obviously incorrect information (e.g. incorrect passport number) will be deleted.

The Consulate General Karachi is exclusively responsible for applicants with habitual residence in Sindh and Balochistan. Applicants with habitual residence in other provinces or regions of Pakistan need to book their appointment using the booking system of the German Embassy in Islambad (

Depending on seasonally high demand, it can happen that appointments are already fully booked or have to be booked longer in advance. In order to be able to start your journey on time, apply for your visa as early as possible. New appointments are regularly released for booking by the visa office.

Please only book an appointment here if you want to apply for a long-term visa for job seeker (Chancenkarte/Opportunity Card) purposes. If you want to apply for a visa for a different category, you will not be able to lodge your application with this appointment.

Please click on "continue" to book your appointment for the submission of a visa application for a long-term visa for job seeker purposes.

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