Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Kathmandu

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National Visa (D-Visa) for students, employment, vocational training (Berufsausbildung)

Read carefully before booking an appointment:

All information provided must be consistant with the information in the applicant's passport, and must be provided in the Roman alphabet.

The provided email-address has to be valid and working! The confirmation email with the details of the appointment will be sent to this address! A print-out of your confirmation email has to be shown at the visasection at the time of your interview. If you fail to provide this print-out you will not be allowed to file your application and will have to book a new appointment.  

Please note that appointments cannot be booked by email or phone. The appointments offered on this system are the earliest appointments possible. Unfortunately, waits on an appointment might be extended due to high season.

Please click on "continue" to choose a suitable appointment from the timetable. First you will be ask to choose a date. The system will show you then a list of still available time slots (e.g. from 9:00 until 10:00) for the specific day. You may pick one appointment from the list.  

Please be on time! This means you should arrive at the Embassy ten minutes before the beginning of your individual time slot. Late comer's admission can not be guaranteed. You might be requested to book a new appointment.

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