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Appointment-waiting-list - Marriage visa and Family Reunion visa (reunification of a spouse, same-sex partner registered in Germany, minors and parents of a German minor)

Dear Sir or Madame!


On the next page you will be able to register on the list for appointments to apply for Marriage visa and for Family Reunion visa (reunification of a spouse, same-sex partner registered in Germany, minors and parents of a German minor).

Shortly after successful registration you will receive an email confirming your registration. Please, make sure you received it (you should also check your spam/junk mail folder; your mailbox settings should not have the ‘Permanently delete suspected junk e-mail’ option enabled).

You will be notified about the date and time of your appointment approximately 2 weeks prior. Make sure that the email address you provided during registration will still be valid. If you change your email address after you’ve registered, unfortunately, you would need to cancel your existing registration and register again.

Don’t be tempted by the offer of various agencies to create a new email address. You risk paying an unnecessary fee.

Important information:

  • Please, also register your family members in this category in case they are applying for a visa together with you.
  • Please, note that all family members (inclusive children under 12 years) should be registered in the appointment system and have their own reference number.
  • All entries should be made in Latin letters only
  • You must enter your correct details and avoid any mistakes. Access to the visa section premises will only be allowed if your name, surname and passport data matches those specified during registration
  • Please, enter your date of birth using the following format: DD.MM.YYYY (for example: 25.06.1989). In case you want to use the calendar, please initially click on the month and year and then the day.
  • The passport number must be in capital Latin letters and numbers. For example, FL123456
  • Please enter your full phone number, including international country code. For example, 00380123456789, 00490123456789
  • Make sure you enter your email address correctly (for example,, and do not include www at the beginning of your email address!), otherwise you will not be able to receive your registration confirmation nor your visa appointment confirmation
  • You should complete the online application form under the following link:
  • Should you have any questions about visa procedures, please refer to the large selection of detailed information on our website. You will find information about visa procedures and instructions (Merkblätter) with lists of documents required for your visa application.

By registering you confirm that during your interview you will have all the required documents listed in the instructions.

It will be not possible to apply for visa if you register for an appointment for the incorrect category.

Due to the heavy workload, we ask for your understanding that any registration enquiries will not be answered directly. All resources are being used to reduce application waiting times.


To continue your registration please click on the ‘New appointment’ at the end of this page.

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