Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Kopenhagen

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Declaration of name (name for a child/marriage) or application for registration of a birth/marriage


Welcome to the appointment booking system of the German Embassy Copenhagen!

In order to make a name declaration, register the birth of a child born outside Germany or register a marriage which has taken place outside Germany, you will need an appointment.


Appointments can only take place if before booking an appointment you have sent us the necessary documents and have received confirmation from us that everything is ready for you to come in.

If you have not yet sent us the required documents or are still waiting for our confirmation, please don’t book an appointment yet.

Please send the required documents in one pdf-file together with the application form (in another pdf-file) to this email-address:

Please inform yourself which documents you need here: 

You can’t book an appointment until we’ve confirmed you can.

Appointments booked by applicants who have not sent us the necessary documents will be disregarded.

If there are no free appointments, please try again another day. New appointment slots are usually released every morning.

Regulations for Social Distancing: In order to keep the number of visitors to a minimum, only those persons whose signatures need to be certified should attend the appointment (i.e. both spouses or both parents, children over the age of 14 if applicable). If the name declaration can be submitted alone, please do NOT appear accompanied.

Please note that only complete applications can be accepted and processed. If you book an appointment without having received a booking request by the Embassy, your appointment will be cancelled.

If you are not sure whether you need to make a declaration of name or need additional information, please contact the following email address:

Please book an appointment only for the service you require. If you are unable to keep the appointment please cancel the entry. This will help the Embassy to offer appointnents in a timely manner.

The appointment booking is free of charge and can easily be done by yourself. The booking could also be done by a person of your confidence if you wish so, but the appointment has to kept in person.

To avoid unnecessary waiting for you and other visitors, please arrive at the Embassy on time for your appointment and report to security at the entrance.

The address of the Embassy is:

Göteborg Plads 1 (Portland Towers, 6th floor), 2150 Copenhagen Nordhavn


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