Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Kuwait

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Skilled workers with preliminary approval (Skilled Immigration Act) (You can only book your appointment if you are a skilled worker with preliminary approval from Germany)

Welcome to the application booking system for the German Embassy in Kuwait!

Please note that the appointments offered here are the earliest appointments available.

Applications must be submitted in person at the German Embassy. We only accept applications if you have been granted an appointment.

If you choose to apply for a visa in this category, this means that you intend to move to Germany in order to work or to live there with your spouse or a family member.

Detailed information on the application process for a long-term visa is available on our website.

Two completely and correctly filled out application forms and all additionally required documentation (original and TWO copies) and TWO biometric passport photos have to be submitted at the time of your appointment.


Please book one appointment slot for each applicant.


Please make sure you enter your correct E-mail address to recieve your booking confirmation which will be send usually within 30 minutes.


If we become aware of "double bookings" (i. e. one person blocking several appointments), we reserve the right to cancel all bookings without further notice.Please be advised that no earlier appointments than the ones shown in our system can be scheduled.

Your Visa Team

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