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Registration to apply for a long term visa (more than 90 days) for students of the category B




Current waiting period:

You have to wait for an appointment more than one year.


Dear Sir and Madam,

on the following pages you can register for an appointment to apply for a visa.

The embassy will inform you about your final visa application as soon as possible.

After your successful registration you will receive two emails:

1. Within 120 minutes a confirmation email with your reference number.

2. Approximately 3 to 6 weeks prior to your appointment to apply for a visa you will receive a e-mail with the exact date of your appointment.

3. If you don't receive an appointment confirmation email prior to your mentioned date of the beginning of your studies your registration can no longer be considered. In this case please cancel your registration. Thank you!

If you don't fullfill the criterias of List "A-List" you need to register yourself with the "B-list".

The General Consulate will only accept applications with fully funded blocked accounts OR original formal obligations OR a scholarship financed from German public funds or European supported funds.

Important notice! The following applies to all visa applications:

All boxes of the registration form have to be filled correctly. Appointment bookings with wrong or incorrect information will be cancelled.

The Consulate General does not offer appointments through agents, advisors or any other service provider. Do not waste your money and time with such intermediaries. We strongly recommend that you book your appointment yourself.


Please refer to the web page of the Consulate General for information on necessary documents.

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