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Name declarations / Registration of birth or marriage

In order to make a name declaration, register the birth of a child born outside Germany or register a marriage which has taken place outside Germany, you will need an appointment.


Appointments can only take place if before booking an appointment you have sent us the necessary documents and have received confirmation from us that everything is ready for you to come in. Please inform yourself about the procedure here:

If you have not yet sent us the required documents or are still waiting for our confirmation, please do not book an appointment yet.

You cannot book an appointment until we have confirmed you can.

Appointments booked by applicants who have not sent us the necessary documents will be disregarded.

If there are no free appointments, please try again another day. New appointment slots are usually released every morning.

Please book only one appointment for the service you require. If you would like to submit applications or make declarations relating to MORE THAN ONE family member (e.g. name declarations for more than one child or a declaration of married name together with a name declaration for a child), you still only need ONE appointment unless we specifically advise you otherwise.

Regulations for Social Distancing: In order to keep the number of visitors to a minimum, only those persons whose signatures need to be certified should attend the appointment (i.e. both spouses or both parents, children over the age of 14 if applicable). If the name declaration can be submitted alone, please do NOT appear accompanied.


For name declarations:

Please note that usually the registry office for your (last) place of residence in Germany will be responsible for processing name declarations and registrations of births and marriages. Alternatively, the procedure can be carried out directly in Germany, in which case you do not need to go through the Embassy. So you can start the procedure e.g. if you are visiting Germany. If this is more convenient for you, please contact your local registry office in Germany first.

When you come to the Embassy, you will need to bring the documents listed in our confirmation email.

In order to be on time for your appointment, please come to our premises at least five minutes before your appointment to allow time to go through Security. Admission is NOT possible for persons who are more than five minutes late for their appointment.


Please note that owing to the current high demand for these services there may be delays and appointments may overrun. You may be required to wait for a short while outside the building.


Please note that you will be required to wear a FACE MASK or other suitable cloth face covering when entering the building.

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