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Attestation of copies

Please book your appointment here only if you require copy attestation of your Indian documents for presentation in Germany. In case you require attestation of German documents for use in India, please contact the competent Indian Mission in Germany or refer to an Indian notary public. Applications booked in a wrong category cannot be honoured, and a new appointment will have to be booked.

Please enter all information exactly as shown in your passport and use the Latin alphabet.

Please make sure that your email ID is valid. The confirmation will be sent to the email ID mentioned in the booking form. Kindly present the confirmation email on the day of your appointment to be granted access to the consular section’s premises.

Please ensure your email ID remains active until the day of your appointment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make corrections once the appointment has been booked. In that case, you will have to cancel the appointment and make a new one.

The appointment system will give you the option to book your appointment as per your choice, either the next one available or a later one: please choose date and time (e.g. 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 n). We ask for your understanding that no other appointments than the ones shown in the scheduling overview can be arranged, neither by email or telephone.

Alternatively, you have the possibility to hand in your documents for copy attestation from the German Embassy via our external service provider VFS.

Please click „next“ to continue your appointment booking for copy attestation.

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