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first time passport applications (unless recently naturalized) or applications after name change

If you already own a German passport or ID card and your name has not changed since it was issued, please make an appointment in the category "German passports". Should you have recently (re-)acquired German citizenship as part of a naturalization process, please book an appointment in the category "German passports and ID cards" and not "first time applications".

During your appointment in this category, you may submit your application for a passport and register the birth of a child born abroad or file a name change application. Name changes abroad (for example as part of marriages or divorces) are often not recognized under German law. Hence, only because your name was declared or changed in US documents this does not mean that this is valid under German law.

A name declaration under German law is usually necessary when:

  • a child is born in the US, the parents are married to each other but do not have the same family name
  • a child is born in the US, the parentes are not married to each other and the child should obtain the father's last name
  • a marriage is performed in the US and you wish to change your family name because of this (unless the new family name is specifically stated in the US marriage certificate and no hypenated name is declared)
  • you wish to return to your previous name after a divorce in the US.

Further information can be found here:

The Consualte recommends registering the birth of a child with German registrar's offices in any case. This will make future passport applications for you and your child much easier and in some cases it is required for your child to obtain German citizenship. Further information can be found here:

Should you not wish to file for a name declaration or birth registration you may book an appointment in the category "German passports and ID cards". However, should a name declaration under German law be required, the passport application cannot be processed further and you have to return to the Consulate. When in doubt, please contact us in advance and send scans of the relevant documents in advance via email to

Please fill out all application forms before your appointment. Also, please book a separate appointment for each individual, including minors. Each appointment reservation is only valid for one applicant.

You can take passport photos for $ 5 at a photo booth operated by a private provider in the Consulate General. The photo booth is not suitable for infants and small children under 4,3'. Payments of up to EUR 1,000 can usually be made by Visa and MasterCard. The payment is processed in EUR. (The photo booth is excluded from this).


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