Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Nikosia

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Appointments for the application of visa at the German Embassy, Ayii Omologites

Welcome to the appointment-system of the German Embassy Nikosia


Please note: Here you can only make an appointment for the Embassy, NOT for our visa-office in North-Nicosia! Please choose the other available option if you cannot come to the Embassy in the South of Nicosia.

(Buradan SADECE Büyükelçilik için randevu alabilirsiniz, Kuzey Lefkoşa’daki vize ofisimiz için randevu ALAMAZSINIZ. Eğer Güney’e geçemiyorsanız, uygun olan diğer opsiyonu seçiniz.)

The German Embassy only issues visas for travel with the main destination Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Luxemburg, Norway or the Netherlands. Visas for travel with the main destination in ALL other countries of the Schengen area you will have to apply for at the consulates of those countries.

Furthermore you can apply for long-term visas for Germany, for example for work or family reunion.

Your residence permit for Cyprus should be valid for another three months after your return. If this is not so, please apply first for an extension of your residence permit, before arranging an appointment for your visa application (Schengen visas only).

In order to apply for a visa you need to make an appointment online.


Before booking an appointment please read the appropriate information on our website at


Please note that during the Corona pandemic the categorisation of Cyprus for entry to Germany and the German entry regulations will be playing a role in the decision about a visa application. Therefore, please bring your proof of vaccination (only EMA-approved vaccines) or proof of a past illness with COVID-19 and one copy with you, if this is needed to avoid quarantine in Germany.


Children under the age of 12 do not have to make their own appointments, they can come together with their parents. Every adult needs his own appointment!

Please mind that incomplete applications, i.e. without VIDEX-application form (for long-term visas: VIDEX-national), photos, passport or fees cannot be accepted and a new appointment will have to be made .

The appointment can be booked by yourself or another person of your confidence here. No fees are charged for booking an appointment. On the day of your booked appointment you have to appear personally.

Only after a successful booking you will see a message with a reference-id. Please note down this reference, as only then your booking can be found. You will also receive an e-mail with the relevant data to the address you have given. It is possible that this e-mail is considered spam or junk by your browser, please check that folder also.

Now please click on "continue" at the end of the page in order to continue booking your appointment.

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