Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Osaka-Kobe

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Visa applications - ビザ

Please make sure to bring all documents required as listed on our homepage (according to your purpose of stay), to fill in the application form completely and to sign the application form. Handing in incomplete applications may lead to a refusal of your application.

Information on the necessary documents can be found on our homepage in the section "Service" under "Visa (English)"

Please use the online application form to allow for a swift processing of your application and avoid unnecessary waiting. The online application form can be found on our hompage in the section "Service" under "VISA (English)" in the subsection "Schengen Visa" under "visa application form (Schengen visas)":





必要書類はあらかじめ当館ホームページ の以下のページでご確認ください。


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