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Certified Signatures and Formal Obligations


The Consular Section of the German Embassy in Beijing can only certify signatures on certificates/documents that are intended for use in German jurisdiction.

Furthermore, signatures and copies can only be certified for applicants with habitual residence in the consular district of the Embassy. If you live outside of our consular district, please contact the mission responsible for you.


You will need certified signatures e.g. for

  • powers of attorney 
  • declarations of approval 
  • application for a certificate of no impediment (for marriage) 
  • repudiation of inheritance 
  • other declarations, if required.

You will find detailed information about the certification of signatures on our website. Please read this information carefully before making an appointment.

The following documents are generally required for a signature certification:

  • valid passport or German ID card (Chinese ID card is not sufficient) 
  • declaration to be signed

In certain cases, the following documents also need to be submitted:

  • Documents relating to the underlying legal transaction (in case of declarations of approval, this is a copy of the contract to be approved; in case of powers of attorney, the draft of the contract to be notarized; in case of applications to the commercial register, copies of the relevant resolutions of the company, the notarial certificate of incorporation, an excerpt from the commercial register).

We recommend that you send digital copies of the relevant documents to prior to booking an appointment (max. 10 MB per mail).

If you do not understand German you will need to provide a Chinese translation of the relevant documents. English translations are sufficient if the consular officer at the counter is convinced that you are sufficiently proficient in English. There is a fixed fee of 56.43 EUR per signature certification, to be paid in RMB in cash or by credit card (Master or Visa).

Important: The Embassy may not certify signatures or provide identity checks for banks (with the exception of blocked account openings) due to legal regulations (Money Laundering Act).


You will find detailed information on formal obligation letters (Verpflichtungserklärungen) on our website . Please carefully read this information and obtain all necessary documents before making an appointment.

If you do not have sufficient knowledge of German, the certification can only be done if you provide a translation into Chinese. English translations are sufficient if it is clear from the conversation with the consular officers at the counter that you have sufficient knowledge of the English language.

There is a fixed fee of 29,- EUR per formal obligation, to be paid in RMB in cash or by credit card (Master or Visa).


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