Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Riga

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VISA: National Visa (except Working Holiday Visa)

Prior to coming to your appointment, read carefully all the information with respect to the Visa application, provided on our website. Please have all the required documentation on hand for your appointment.

Every application must be presented by the applicant personally. Each applicant (including children) must book an individual appointment.

In order to prevent abuse of the booking system, the Embassy reserves the right to block applicants who do not show up for their arranged appointment, from the appointment system, for one month.

Unfortunately, the Embassy cannot accept any applications for which appointments were booked in the incorrect category.


Directions for the appointment booking:

The information submitted must be

01. written in roman alphabet

02. consistent with the information in the applicant's passport

A valid email-address must be provided for a confirmation email with the details of the appointment to be sent!

A printout of your confirmation email must be shown at the visa section at the time of your interview.


In the appointment scheduling function you can choose the day and a time slot as suites your schedule.

Please be aware that no earlier appointments than the ones indicated in the appointment scheduling calendar can be arranged - neither e-mails or phone calls requesting exception cannot be accepted.

Punctuality is required. Arrive with sufficient time to report to the reception at the Visa section.

If you have booked an appointment to which you find you cannot come, please cancel it as soon as possible.


Please click "continue" in order to book an appointment.

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