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National German visa for Chinese chef/cook / 长期签证 德国签证 厨师劳务签证

National German visa for Chinese chef/cook / 长期签证 德国签证 厨师劳务签证


Appointment to apply for national visa (staying more than 90 days) for Chinese chef/cook

 预约居留目的申请长期签证(德国签证,居留天数超过90天): 厨师劳务签证


 1. Please have your application material checked by CHINCA (China International Contractors Association, Labor Service Department) before submitting your application at the Embassy (

2. All details concerning the applicant have to be filled in letters (no Chinese characters) according to the passport of the applicant

3. It is necessary to schedule an appointment for each applicant.

4. Appointments are only available as proposed by the scheduling system; earlier appointments are not possible

5. Multiple bookings for the same person will be deleted automatically. Incomplete bookings will be deleted automatically.

6. Your email-address has to be valid and working! The confirmation email with the details of the appointment will be sent to this address! A print of this email has to be shown at the visasection for the interview.

7. The confirmation-mail will be sent within two hours.

8. Only hand in complete applications containing all necessary information and documentation.

9. All information about the visa procedure and the documents you have to present together with your visa application is available at (



1. 所有申请材料必须由中国对外承包工程商会进行预审。详细信息请参考网址

2. 签证申请人的所有个人信息必须以护照为准且用英文字母输入。

3. 系统自动为每个签证申请人生成一个预约号。

4. 预约日期按系统所提示的日期输入,输入的日期不得早于系统所提示日期。

5. 每个签证申请人只能预约一次,重复预约会导致系统删除该签证申请人预约的所有记录.预约时输入的信息必须完整,否则系统会自动删除信息输入不完整的预约。

6. 输入的电子邮件地址必须正确有效!预约成功后,本馆会回复签证申请人一封确认邮件,告知预约日期,该确认邮件为预约成功的凭证,签证申请人 必须打印该邮件并在面签时随身携带,否则会视为预约无效。

7. 最迟两小时后您会收到本馆发给您的确认邮件。

8. 提交签证申请时,请确保资料齐全。

9. 请浏览德国使领馆网站(上公布的相关签证须知了解申请签证的前提条件。

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