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Applying for a long term visa to re-enter

You can book an appointment in this category if you left Germany no longer than 6 months ago and i.e. your residence permit and/or your passport has been stolen, lost or expired.

If you left Germany MORE than 6 months ago, please register for an appointment in the respective category!

In case you register for an appointment in the category for a long term visa to re-enter and you do not fulfil the criteria (information sheet) when submitting your application, you will have to register in the respective category.

Please note that this category is for applicants in an emergency situation so be fair and do not book an appointment if you don't fall into this category!

While entering your data, please note the following:

  • All children under 18 years of age (minors) need a separate appointment.
  • All information must be entered in Latin letters

  • Please enter all your data correctly and without any mistakes, as you will only be admitted to the Visa Section of the Embassy if your name and passport number exactly match the information in our system.

  • Your passport number must be entered in capital letters and numbers, e.g. A1234567. The passport number can be found on the upper right corner of the bio data page of your passport.

  • Please make sure to enter your email address correctly (example:, no www in front of the email address!), otherwise you will not receive the appointment email! If you haven't received the appointment email, please check your spam/junk folder.

Please make sure to bring two completed applications forms to your appointment as well as two recent passport pictures (not older than 12 months). 

The application form, information sheets and check lists can be found on the website of the Embassy. If you don't qualify for an appointment in this category (e.g. you want to join a refugee with a residence permit), your application will not be accepted.

Please do not send documents to the Embassy beforehand but bring complete documents when coming for the appointment to the Embassy.

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