Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Tiflis

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German Passport - Appointment System


Appointment Booking for passport matters

Welcome to the appointment system of the German Embassy in Tbilisi


Applicants for German passports are required to book an appointment.

For detailed information (in German) on how to apply for a German passport, our informational note on passports and what documents to bring, visit our website on you not speak German sufficiently, please contact the Embassy via

Please familiarize yourself with the procedures before making an appointment for your passport application. Each family member require their individual appointment.

As only German nationals can apply for a German passport, please note that only bookings with a nationality of GERMAN / GERMAN-GEORGIAN or GERMAN+X can be accepted.

If you book an appointment in the wrong category, it will be deleted without further notification.

Please note that you always provide the correct passport number for your booking. If the passport number is not identical on your written date confirmation, you can be denied access to the Embassy for security reasons. In your own interest, you should always provide the correct pass number. Incomplete or knowingly incorrect information during the reservation will lead to cancellation.

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