Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Tirana

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Visa for Short Term (less than 90 days) (Not for albanian citizen)

Notes to book an appointment:

All details concerning the applicant have to be filled in according to your passport and in Latin letters. The indicated e-mail address must be valid, because you will get an e-mail confirming your appointment.

For application at the visa office bring a printout of this e-mail, otherwise the appointment cannot be perceived.

In the appointment overview you can book a date of your choice either the next one available or any other you desire. Select a day and a time slot (e.g. 11.00 until 11.30 clock). Please understand that no earlier dates than the ones shown in the system (not by e-mail or fax) can be arranged. To avoid unnecessary waiting times for you and other visitors, please appear on time at the beginning of the time slot at the Embassy (for example: you booked an appointment from 11.00 until 11.30 clock please show up at 11.00 clock) and sign at the entrance to the visa section.

Please click "next" to book your appointment.

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