Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Warschau

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Grenzübertrittsbescheinigungen / border crossing certificates / Świadectwa przekroczenia granicy

Welcome to the appointment booking service of the Embassy Warsaw!

If you live in the official district of another German mission in Poland, please refrain from booking an appointment in Warsaw and contact the competent mission directly!


You can make an appointment here if

- you have received a border crossing certificate on which the embassy must confirm your departure from Germany.

Please note:

1. an individual appointment must be booked for each person!

2. There is no entitlement to a preferential appointment if the deadline is tight. You are free to leave the Schengen area and have your border crossing confirmed by border officials at the Schengen crossing points or at the airport.

3. Please provide correct passport details and place of residence when booking. In the event of any discrepancies at the time of presentation, it will not be possible to receive the confirmation of border crossing.

4. the passport number can only be entered once. After the appointment, your passport number will be reactivated in the system. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it in good time using the link provided in your booking confirmation. After a cancellation, it can take up to 48 hours until a new appointment can be booked.

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