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Schengenvisa - short stay (up to 90 days)

 Please note that there are currently still considerable waiting times when booking visa appointments!

 These are the main reasons for the shortage of appointments:

 1. The trip is planned at too short notice

 Visas can be applied for up to six months before the planned trip.

 For trips that can be planned in advance, arrange for an appointment as soon as possible.

 2. Appointments lapse because booked appointments are not cancelled or people do not show up on time.

 Arrive at the Embassy well in advance of your booked appointment (preferably as early as 30 minutes before your appointment).

 If you cannot keep a booked appointment, please cancel it immediately by using the cancellation link (will be sent to you automatically with your appointment confirmation).

 3. Mainly incomplete documents are submitted, so that the application cannot be accepted or processed further.

 Ensure that you are able to present all the documents mentioned on the checklists, completely and in the order mentioned.

 4. The Embassy does not only issue Schengen visas for the main travel destination Germany, but also for the main travel destination in the following Schengen states:

     - Belgium

     - France

     - Luxembourg

     - Malta

     - the Netherlands

     - Austria

     - Switzerland

     - Hungary

 If your main destination is in one of these countries above, you can also contact their Embassy in South Africa in order to apply for a visa there.

 5. Appointments are booked in the wrong category, causing additional delay in those categories. Please be advised that assistance cannot be given to travellers booking an appointment with the incorrect appointment slot / category.

 The Embassy has no influence on this. You will make a significant contribution to improving the appointment situation if you book your visa appointment early, arrive on time and bring complete documentation.



Schengenvisa - short stay (up to 90 days)


Please make an appointment in this category only if you plan a short term stay in Germany (and other Schengen countries) for max. 90 days.

If you plan to stay longer than 90 days please make an appointment in the "national visa"category.

For information and specific information leaflets with regards to your visa application refer to our website. 

Please read the information provided thoroughly and prepare your visa application including all relevant documents.

The respective information leaflets provide a check list for your own use to make sure your application is complete.

Only complete applications can be accepted.


When booking your appointment please keep in mind that applications should be handed in timely before the intended travel date.

Processing time is up to 15 days.

In exceptional cases proceedings may take longer. Applications will be accepted 6 months before the intended travel date at the earliest.

Each applicant needs his/her own booking for an appointment. (Example: 1 Person = 1 appointment / 3 persons = 3 appointments  / parents and 2 children = 4 appointments)



  •  please book only 1 appointment per person providing the correct passport number (during the booking process you are asked to enter the passport number twice)
  •  entry to the consulate is permitted 30 minutes prior to your booking with printed booking confirmation and passport in order to check the correct number
  •  if you are late we will not be able to attend to you - we are asking for understanding in the interest of all applicants  
  •  if you are unable to keep your appointment please cancel this appointment immediately
  •  if you do not receive a confirmation of your appointment booking please also check your e-mail's SPAM folder.


Please click on "Continue" to book an appointment for your visa application.

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