Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Manama

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RESIDENCE PERMIT ---> NO Tourist, NO business, NO Schengen visa

Welcome to the online appointment system of the German Embassy Manama to apply for a NATIONAL VISA / RESIDENCE PERMIT  ---> NO Tourist, NO business, NO Schengen visa

In case you want to apply for a short term- visa e.g. Tourist-, Medical- and Business- visa please refer to the website of VFS-Global for an appointment:

In order to apply for a NATIONAL visa for you need an appointment.

The online appointment system offers you a convenient way to book a suitable appointment for you and ensures that the process of applying for a visa will be as easy as possible. It also helps the Embassy to direct the flow of customers in order to reduce waiting times.

Before booking an appointment online, please carefully read the information regarding visa applications on the Embassy's website Information on the required documents as well as the application forms can also be found on this website.

Please note that incomplete applications cannot be accepted. Any incomplete application will have to be rejected free of charge. In this case a new appointment will need to be made online.

It is not permitted to reserve multiple appointment dates for one person. Please only book an appointment when you are sure you can really keep it. If you are unable to do so, please cancel it by sending the confirmation e-mail which you will receive after the booking process together with a copy of your passport with a request to cancel to This will help the Embassy to offer applicants the earliest appointment possible.

Especially during the months of May to July, there might be a considerable waiting period for an appointment. Therefore, please make your booking well in advance.

The processing time for a long-term visa/NATIONAL visa/RESIDENCE PERMIT will take up to 3 months after handing in the application; in very rare cases the process might take longer than 3 months.

The visa appointment service is offered free of any charge. If desired, an appointment can also be booked by a trusted third party.

You can see vacant appointment dates in the calender view, where you can select and book the desired appointment (either the earliest one or at a later time/date of your own choice). You have to choose a date and a timeframe (e.g. from 09:00 to 09:30 am). It is not possible to get earlier appointments than shown online. 

Appointment requests by telephone and e-mail will not be answered.  Please come to the Embassy on time e.g. latest at 09:00 am for a timeframe from 09:00 to 9:30 am). Otherwise entry cannot be granted in order to avoid longer waiting times for other customers.

All the required information for the booking process must be entered according to your passport and in Latin letters. You need to enter a valid e-mail address as you will receive a reservation confirmation by e-mail. A printout of the confirmation has to be presented at the entrance of the Embassy.

On the day of your appointment, the application can generally only be submitted in person.


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