Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Accra

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Schengen Visa (short term stays of up to 90 days)

Short term visa for a stay of up to 90 days within 180 days in the Schengen Area

For example this type of visa is required for/to:

- visit relatives or friends

- business trips

- attend a conference/training

- visit a trade fair

- tourism

- medical treatment

- sports or other competitions


National Visa (long term stays of more than 90 days)

You have to book an appointment in this category, if you want to apply for a National Visa to stay in Germany for more than 90 days or take up permanent residence. For example:

- studying / doctorate

- research

- taking up employment

- vocational training

- Au-Pair / Voluntary Work

- internship (longer than 90 days)

- re-entry (after loss of passport or expiration of residence permit)

- family reunion to a holder of a DAAD scholarship living in Germany / holder of a Blue Card EU (if they are applying together with the spouse/parent or within 6 months after the spouses'/parents' application)


Please note that the passport number of the applicant is a mandatory field. If the passport number of the applicant is not entered correctly, the appointment is considered null and void!


Family Reunion

Visa requirements for family reunion

Please bear in mind that you need to register every applicant (that also applies if you apply together with a child).

1. Family reunion for children. You need to apply for this visa if a child is supposed to join one or both parent(s) in Germany.

2. Family reunion - joining a German (unborn) child. You need to apply for this visa if the mother or the father of a German (unborn) child wants to join this German child in Germany. It also applies if the parent wants to move to Germany together with the (unborn) child.

3. Visa application for an intended marriage in Germany. You need to apply for this visa if you have a fiancé(e) in Germany and are planning to get married after the arrival in Germany.

4. Family reunion – joining a spouse. You need to apply for this visa if you want to join your spouse in Germany.

It is essential that you read the information provided on our website carefully. You should only book an appointment once you are in possession of all the required documents. In case that the documents are not complete at the time of your interview, your application cannot be accepted and a new appointment has to be booked.


German Passport

If you do not have residence in Germany anymore, but in Ghana, Sierra Leone or Liberia, the German Embassy in Accra is your competent passport office.

If you recently moved to Ghana, you should apply for a change of residence in your passport by showing the deregistration certificate from your former city of residence.

Every applicant has to appear personally (also minors).

PLEASE NOTE: if you are applying for the first German passport of a child which was NOT born in Germany, often a paternity acknowledgement and almost always a name declarartion are legal procedures which have to be completed BEFORE the passport application.


Family Matters

You can book appointments for the following services at the German Embassy:

- Recognition of paternity

- Consent of the mother to a recognition of paternity

- Declaration on shared custody

- Registry of birth in Germany

- Registry of marriage in Germany

- Name declaration

- recognition of a foreign divorce in Germany

- declaration of inheritance in Germany