Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Beirut

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Visa appointments for applicants from Lebanon

Via this page, persons residing in Lebanon permanently (and possessing a residency card/Iqama) may  book an appointment in order to apply for a German visa. This service is free of charge.


Visa appointments for applicants from Syria

The German Embassy in Damascus being closed, Syrian nationals and Palestinians with Syrian travel documents as well as third party nationals living in Syria or applying for Family Reunion visa to a Syrian Refugee / Subsidiary Protected can make their appointments for a visa application at the German Embassy in Beirut (location: Rabieh) at this site. Please read the notices on the following pages carefully.

This service is free of charge.


Caution: Many applicants informed us that several local 'Visa Service Agencies' claim to be able to organise an appointment for payment. However, these agencies only send falsified e-mail-confirmations of appointments, or demand horrendous prices of several hundreds of Euros for proper bookings. In the interest of all applicants these agencies should not be used.  This Embassy does NOT work with private offices for arranging appointments, even if they claim it.


no visa appointment, only German passport holders

This is for German citizens who want to apply for a new German passport.

You will be denied entry if you used this category to book a visa appointment!


Legalizations for Syrian Documents

Legalization for Lebanese Documents