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WELCOME _ Consular matters & more


Welcome... the online appointment system of the German Consulate in Boston

Please book your own appointment for selected consular services such as signature notarizations or collection of naturalization papers which has to be done in-person.

For your appointment, you need to be on time, present complete documentation (please check provided information on website) and follow physical distance guidelines as well as still wear a face mask.

Access can only be granted to the applicant himself (only exception: minors accompanied by their parents).

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German Passports & Identity Cards


To apply for a passport, you need an appointment. Appointments can only be booked online. Please book one appointment per person and application even if you apply as a family. (i.e. 1 adult, 2 kids: 3 appointments). Make sure you appear on time at the beginning of your appointment. If you fail to arrive on time, you will automatically lose your slot and need to book a new appointment.

The necessary application forms, a list of the required documents and other useful information regarding your application can be found on our website here:   It is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions and come prepared with all documents.

LAST NAME in the German passport

If your last name has changed after marriage or divorce, or if you are applying for a minor for the first time and you as the parents do not have a joint last name according to German law, a name declaration will be necessary.

The following links provide further information – please read it thoroughly prior to booking an appointment! 

ONLY once your new name / the child’s name has been registered and confirmed by the German registrar's office (Standesamt), you can book an appointment for a passport.

At present, name declarations have to be submitted by regular mail; in-person-application is not possible. You may send the application straight to the German Standesamt. Read more above (consular services).


 V E R Y   I M P O R T A N T   N O T I C E

In observance of the regulations due to COVID-19 (i.e. social distancing), the German Consulate has to limit the number of applicants present in the building at the same time. Therefore, increased waiting times for appointments are to be expected.

Appointments for passport applications can only be booked for up to four weeks in advance.

New appointment slots are made available on a regular basis. Please try again later, if you are not successful in obtaining an appointment today.

Emails requesting an earlier passport appointment will not be answered unless it is clearly a very urgent case (please give details), which does not allow for any delay and calls for immediate action. 


If you arrive late for your appointment, access to the Consulate will be denied.

If you cannot make it to your appointment, please cancel it through the link provided in your confirmation email. This opens the slot for other people! Thank you.


THANK YOU for your understanding and cooperation. Stay safe and healthy!

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Visa for Germany and the Schengen States

Please note that the date format for making an appointment is dd/mm/yyyy.

The German Consulate can o n l y accept applications if you are traveling to Germany as your main destination and live in our consular district.

If you are traveling to more than one of the Schengen States, and the main destination is not Germany but another Schengen State (for example France, Italy, Spain), you have to apply at the Consulate of that State.

You should apply for a visitor visa (tourism, business trips) at least 2 weeks before, but no longer than 3 months before your planned trip. If the time between your appointment and your planned trip is less than two weeks, your visa might not be ready in time.

Residence visa (study, employment, moving to Germany) have a processing time of 4 - 10 weeks.

Please go to our website for further information. The link is:

In case you did receive a Schengen visa within the last 5 years for which your fingerprints were taken, you may send in your Schengen visa application per surface mail. We accept complete applications only. Processing will in most cases take 1 - 2 weeks. Please see following link for further information:

Please ONLY use the application forms you find on our webside. Do NOT fill out just any application form you find through an internet search.

The link for the Schengen Visa application (for a stay of less than 90 days) is:

The link for the National Visa application (for a stay of more than 90 days) is:


Please note the following important regulations concerning your passport/travel document:


 -   its validity has to extend beyond the duration of the visa you are applying for by at least 3 months

 -   it has to contain at least two blank pages;  

 -   it must have been issued within the previous 10 years. If it was issued before that, your application can not be accepted. This rule also applies if the validity has been extended by the authorities of your home country.


If your passport/travel document does not meet all of these requirements, you will need to obtain a new passport before applying for a visa.

Please book only one time slot for your application. Each applicant needs one appointment. In case of multiple bookings, all of your reservation will be cancelled without giving notice!

Please note that the use of mobile devices may result in reduced functionality or wrong bookings. We therefore recommend using desktop computers or laptops when making online appointments.