Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Canberra

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Passport/German ID card

Welcome to the online appointment system of the German Embassy Canberra!

Please refer to our website at for all necessary information to apply for a German passport or German ID card, e.g. the documentation you will need to bring to the General Embassy on the day of your appointment. All applications for a German passport or ID card must be submitted in person as it is necessary to verify the applicant's identify, record their biometric data (current photo, finger prints) and their signature.

Please read the information provided carefully before booking an appointment.

Please note the consular districts of the German Missions in Australia when booking an appointment:

  • The German Embassy Canberra is the authority responsible for issuing German passports and ID cards to German citizens with domicile/habitual residence in the ACT.
  • The German Consulate General Sydney is the authority responsible for issuing German passports and ID cards to German citizens with domicile/habitual residence in NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, SA, WA and NT. Passport applications can also be lodged at the offices of the Honorary Consuls in Melboure, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns und Darwin - such applications will then be forwarded internally to the Consulate General in Sydney for further processing and decision.

Should a name declaration be necessary (e.g. in order to change your family name after marriage or to determine a family name for the first born child from parents not having a joint family name), please book two appointments. Information on the necessity of a name declaration can be obtained from our website. If you are unsure whether a formal name declaration will be necessary please contact us by e-mail before booking an appointment.


Collection Passport/ID Card


Welcome to the online appointment system of the German Embassy Canberra!

This appointment category is exclusively for the collection of German passports and ID cards. The collection of a German passport or ID card must be done in person or by a person authorized by you in writing. Please book an appointment only after we have notified you (via email or telephone) that your new German passport/ID card is ready for collection.


- If you are still in possession of your old ID document, your new ID document can only be issued upon presentation of your old passport or ID card.

- No additional appointment booking is required for the collection of several identity documents (e.g. for family members).



Consular Service


Welcome to the online appointment system of the German Embassy in Canberra!

The Embassy offers a limited range of consular services: German passports and German ID cards, some notarizations and authentication of signatures and photocopies.
The Embassy does not process visa applications and does not provide information on visa matters.

Other consular matters (including visas) as well as emergencies are handled for all Australian states and territories by the German Consulate General in Sydney.

Please choose "Consular Service" if you require an appointment at the Embassy for one of the following consular services:

  • authentication/certification of signature(s) (e.g. on a power of attorney or formal authorization of a notarized contract for sale/purchase of a property in Germany, formal declaration regarding the renuniciation of an inheritance),
  • application for certificate of good conduct (police clearance certificate) from Germany,
  • certification of photocopies (if necessary for use in Germany/by German authorities),
  • life certificate for a German pension or other German pension matter,
  • birth registration for a German child in order to obtain a German birth certificate,
  • marriage registration (if at least one of the spouses is a German citizen) in order to obtain a German marriage certificate,
  • collection of a formal permit to retain German citizenship or a German naturalization certificate - after we have informed you that your document has arrived at our office and is ready for collection.

Please do not book appointments under this category for passport or German ID card applications or for the collection of newly issued passports/ID cards. There are separate categories for these types of appointments. We reserve the right to cancel appointments booked in the wrong category.