Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Chicago

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German passports / German ID cards

Our Honorary Consuls in Cincinnati, OH, Detroit, MI and near Kansas City (Leawood, KS), St. Louis (O’Fallon, IL) and Minneapolis (Shoreview, MN) are authorized to accept passport applications as well. Further information can be found here:

This appointment booking system is for appointments in Chicago only.

Your way to a German passport or ID card:

1. Ensure that you do not have to do a German name declaration ahead of time
A change of name in the US and/or US documents might not be automatically valid in Germany. Read our website for more information if a German name declarations is necessary. For name declarations, please always book an appointment in the intended category. 

2. Familiarize yourself with the required documents for a passport or ID card
The application forms, list of required documents and further useful information can be found on our website. It is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions to come prepared with all documents.

3. Collect all required documents, including photos meeting the requirements
Documents have to be originals or certified copies. Do not forget translations for documents other than in German or English language. Make sure that you filled in our recent application form completely and that your photos fully meet our requirements.

4. Questions? Contact the consulate general!
Use our contact form or our passport consultation hour (mondays 2 to 3 pm (Central Time), Phone: +1-312-202-0480).

5. Make an appointment
→ Single Person: Book a single appointment. Are you applying for a minor only? Fill in the minor’s name. Parents have to appear with the child but do not need an own appointment to get access to the consulate.
→ Families: Book a family appointment if you want to apply for documents for at least two family members at the same time.

6. Appear to your appointment
Bring your originals or certified copies of the required documents with you and allow some waiting time. Do not forget your old passport/ID card and new photos. Access can only be granted to the applicant (exception: minors with their parents or applicants who need (e.g. due to age) assistance). If you arrive late, access may be denied.



Information about the visa process can be found on our website. There you will also find information if you need a visa or not. Please read the information provided thoroughly before you book an appointment. 


Schengen Visa (business, tourism, visit, airport transit)

All applications for Schengen visas have to be submitted through BLS International, our external service provider. Applications will no longer be accepted by this Consulate General.

Click on the following link to book an appointment with BLS:


Residence Visa (study, employment, family reunion)

Please note that we will are currently revising our appointment system for residence visas.

Starting September 01, 2024, applicants for visas for the purpose of taking up employment must submit their application online. After a subsequent preliminary check, an appointment booking will be opened for fingerprinting, presentation of original documents and payment of the visa fees. Further information on this procedure will be provided in due time.

All other applicants (study, family reunification, language course, etc.) will continue to book an appointment via this platform. Until August 31, 2024 appointments for all applicants are here available.

If you are a US citizen and intend to move to Germany for studying or family reunion, please be aware that you are still allowed to enter Germany visa-free to apply for your residence permit on site. A visa process is not necessary.

Please be aware that appointments at the visa section are usually well booked in advance. Special appointments can usually not be granted, so please refrain from request for additional appointments. 

If you are not able to attend your appointment, please cancel it to allow other customers to submit their application. Once you cancelled your appointment, you will be able to book a new one.


Consular Certificates and Certifications

Please choose this category for:

-       Certification of photocopies (e.g., for the purpose of study applications or citizenship procedures)

-       Certification of signature (e.g., renouncement of inheritance, power of attorney or declaration of approval/”Genehmigungserklärung”)

-       Name declarations or applications for the registration of a child’s birth or a marriage)

-       Consular Certificates (e.g., for driver's licenses or urns)

-       VAT refund

-       Certificates of life for pension and restitution matters


Please note, that for a full notarization (in German "Beurkundung" e.g., applications for a certificate of inheritance or acknowledgement of paternity) an appointment has to be booked separately from this booking system. Please contact the Consulate General by email (

If you do not find your concern in the list above, please contact the Consulate General for assistance.


Citizenship Matters

Application and pick-up of certificates in citizenship matters.

Please note that written dates for appointments are given in German format DD/MM/YY.