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COVID19: Gradual reopening of the Embassy’s visa section due to changes in the EU travel restrictions


Due to the entry restrictions on all non-essential travel from third countries to the Federal Republic of Germany to contain COVID-19, the German Embassy in Colombo is currently in general unable to process any new visa applications. Applications will therefore only be accepted or visas issued as an exception if the applicant can demonstrate the existence of compelling reasons that justify entry under the current rules.

An exemption is made in accordance with the recommendation of the European Commission of 11 June 2020, to the following groups of persons as of 1 July 2020:

  • Family members of citizens of EU Member States and the countries associated with Schengen, as well as third-country nationals residing lawfully in the EU, regardless of whether they are returning to their place of    residence   
  • Students         
  • Highly qualified professionals whose work is necessary from an economic point of view and which cannot be postponed or carried out abroad

For all other applicants: there are no changes at this time and new applications cannot be accepted. The Embassy will inform on its webpage as soon as changes occur.

According to this, the Visa Section of the German Embassy Colombo has reopend the waiting list for a registration for a student visa appointment, as well as the appointment category for qualified workers under the fast track procedure.


Schengen Visa

Applications for Schengen visa will currently not be accepted by the Embassy or VFS due to EU-travel restrictions. Any changes will be published on the Embassy's webpage.


Please note the following for the access to the Visa Section:

Admission to the Visa Section will be granted at the earliest ten minutes before the booked appointment.

When visiting the Embassy, please wear a mask that covers mouth and nose and use the available hand disinfectant.

When entering the Visa Section, a security guard will take a temperature measurement. If the temperature is higher, access to the Visa Section will be refused.


Information regarding the appointment system

The following appointment system is for national visa applications only. A national visa is the correct visa if you intend to move to Germany in order to work or study there, or to live there with your spouse or other family member.

Thanks to the appointment system, the Embassy is able to guarantee a regular and orderly flow of visitors throughout the day. This gives you the advantage of being able to book an appointment that suits you and you will have a fixed appointment at the embassy without long waiting times.

Before booking an appointment, please read the information about the visa procedure carefully. You will find this information on the website of the Embassy. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted: the application will be rejected free of charge and a new appointment must be made.

Booking an appointment is free of charge. The Embassy does not cooperate with third parties who may offer help in booking appointments. These providers have no privileged access to the appointment system under any circumstances.

Please only book an appointment for yourself and only if you expect to be able to keep it. Several appointments under the same name will be deleted. If you are not able to keep your appointment, please cancel it. In this way you help us with the scheduling of appointments, so that we can offer all customers appointments as soon as possible. No-shows will be monitored and if necessary registered.

Depending on seasonally high demand, it may happen that appointments are already fully booked or must be booked longer in advance. Please note that the next available free appointments are displayed in the appointment system. It is not possible to obtain an earlier appointment than the one displayed in the system.

You can easily and quickly book appointments yourself here. If you wish, however, a person of your trust (e.g. your spouse living in Germany) can also take care of this for you. In any case, you must come in person to the visa office of the Embassy Colombo for the booked appointment.

Please be on time for your appointment. If you are late for your appointment, you will not be allowed access to the visa office in order to avoid long waiting times for other applicants.

Please enter all data required for the booking process correctly according to your passport. Please also check the spelling of your email address so that you can receive the booking confirmation.


Technical information for booking an appointment with the appointment booking system of the German Embassy


Open the appointment system exclusively via the homepage of the German Embassy in order to avoid problems with access.


  • do not use bookmarks / bookmarks from previous visits to the site
  • do not use the automatic address completion / "memory" function of the browser, i.e. when typing the first letters, the URL already typed once will be offered
  • do not click on links to other Internet sites that do not belong to the Federal Foreign Office.
  • open RK-Termin only in a browser window or -tab   
  • do not use the back button of the browser.


RK-Termin is compatible with all standard compliant browsers, but works best with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Should you have the impression that there are problems with the browser you are using, please try again with Firefox or Internet Explorer as browser or use another PC, e.g. of relatives, friends, hotel, Internet café.

Other factors

Virus scanners, firewalls, other security products, company policies, network connection: All these factors determine how fast and whether RK-Termin can be called at all. If necessary, try to access it via another Internet connection.

Smartphone / mobile devices / small screen rendering

Browsers on mobile devices are able to display the pages. Depending on the resolution of the device, it may be necessary to scroll crossways or use a zoom function, or the display may be perceived as too small. This makes booking slower and less comfortable, but not impossible.



Please click „continue“ and start the booking process.



For Germans only: Passport/German ID-Card

Important notice:

Please note that this service is exclusive for German citizens. Non-German citizens with passport appointments will not be allowed to enter the Embassy premises.


Given the gradual withdrawal of measures to combat COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, the embassy's Passport Office is opening its doors to applicants.

The overriding principle here is the protection of visitors and employees from infection.


Therefore please note the following:

Admission to the passport office will be granted at the earliest ten minutes before the booked appointment.

When visiting the Embassy, please wear a mask that covers mouth and nose and use the available hand disinfectant.

When entering the Passport Office, a security guard will take a temperature measurement. If the temperature is higher, access to the Passport Office will be refused.


Applicants for German passports and German ID-Cards are required to book an appointment.

For detailed information on how to apply for a German passport or ID card and what documents to bring, visit our website (in German). Please familiarize yourself with the procedures before making an appointment for your passport application. For every family member an individual appointment is required.


The address of our Passport Office is:

43, Temple Lane

Colombo 3

Sri Lanka


Please hit the “Continue” button to continue with your booking.