Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Dublin

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Biometric passport / Children`s passport / Temporary Passport / ID card

Welcome to the automatic appointment system of the German Embassy in Dublin! (here NO VISA APPOINTMENTS)

Due to the latest lockdown, and the travel restrictions to Germany earlier in the year, there is a very high demand for passport and ID card appointments.

Please understand that we are only in a position to offer a reduced number of appointments due to the regulations of hygiene and social distancing that are still in place to protect our clients and staff. Therefore, appointments may not be available at short notice. 

Therefore, we appeal to all those people whose passport is still valid for several months to postpone the application to a later date.

Currently, only those persons should book an appointment

-        whose passport has already expired,

-        is about to expire, e.g. within the next month or

-        first time applications for children.

We are grateful if all other applicants (e.g., applicants who have a valid German passport and would like to apply for an ID card or dual citizens who have other valid travel documents) refrain from booking appointments and bear with us for the time being.

In consideration of others, please refrain from booking multiple appointments.

Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!


consular matters, e.g. certified copies and signatures, renouncing of an inheritance, police clearance certificate, etc.

Welcome to the automatic appointment system of the German Embassy in Dublin! (here NO VISA APPOINTMENTS and NO APPOINMENTS FOR PASSPORT or ID CARDS)

Important: Please have a look at our FAQs before booking an appointment.

Helpful Information on how to book an appointment:

1.) In this category you can book an appointment for the following consular matters:

- certification of copies,

- certification of signatures, e.g. declaration of approval when selling property in Germany

- renouncing an inheritance in Germany,

- police clearance certificate

2.) For the following consular matters, please contact us via email ( first and we will schedule an appointment individually:

- certifications of signatures on a Power of Attorney,

- name declarations,

- notarizations, e.g. application for a certificate of inheritance, declarations in lieu of an oath, acknowledgement of paternity or declaration of custody

- applications for a certificate of no impediment to marriage,

- all applications relating to German citizenship

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