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IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of now direct booking of appointments for Schengen visa is no longer possible. Therefore, everybodythat wishes to travel can register - as always - free of charge for the allocation of an appointment to apply for a Schengen visa.

Visa Appointments

Welcome to the appointment system of the German Embassy Yerevan

Current estimated waiting times after registration for an appointment in the appointment waiting lists:

Waiting list for Schengen visa - approx. 30 weeks.

Waiting list for national visas with pre-consent according to §81a AufenthG - approx. 3 weeks

Waiting list for national visas for Armenian nationals . approx. 4 weeks

Waiting list for national visas for non-Armenian nationals:

all other purposes except family reunion or study / language courses - approx. 4 weeks

Family reunion:  - approx. 4 weeks

Study/language courses - approx. 8 weeks

To apply for a Schengen visa for Germany and a national visa for Germany you need an appointment. Before booking an appointment, please check the Embassy's website at for information on the visa procedure.

For each applicant (including children), a separate appointment must be booked.

Please book an appointment only if you are sure that you can use it. If you do not require a visa, please cancel your appointment using the link in the confirmation email.

Please enter your data completely and carefully. If you register with incorrect or incomplete data, your visa application will not be accepted.

In order to prevent misuse of the appointment system, all persons not present at the appointment will be blocked for one month in the appointment system.
After cancelling an appointment, the applicant can only book a new appointment three weeks later.

Depending on seasonally high demand it can happen that appointments are already fully booked or have to be booked longer in advance. In order to start your journey on time, it is best to apply for your visa in time.

The appointment booking in our online system is free of charge!

In any case, you must come personally to the German Embassy Yerevan on the booked date.

The address is:

German Embassy Yerevan

 Charents str. 29

 0025 Yerevan



If you have any questions regarding Schengen visas, please send an e-mail to

If you have any questions about national visas, please send an e-mail to

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