Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Hermannstadt

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Consular services

Welcome to the appointment allocation system of the German Consulate in Sibiu



 Due to the gradual withdrawal of the measures of fighting against the spreading of COVID-19, the German Consulate in Sibiu takes the following measures to reduce the risk of infection with the Corona Virus (COVID-19):

-           the access of visitors to the Consulate is permitted only wearing a protection mask. Each visitor has to bring his/her own mask.

-           each visitor will be taken his/her temperature with a thermoscan before entering the Consulate by one of the security employees of the Consulate

-           additionally to the applicant, in case of persons needing assistance, only one accompanying person and in the case of minors, the person having parental responsibility are granted access


An appointment can be booked for the following services:

 1. Application for German passport/identity card/travel document as replacement for passport to return to the Federal Republic of Germany (RAP)

2. Authentication of copies and public certification of signatures

3. Border-crossing certificate

4. Life certificates

The Consulate regularly releases new appointments.